How Truck Mounted Cranes Benefit From Absolute Encoders

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Jan 6, 2015 8:38:53 AM



Truck Mounted Cranes are an indispensable tool on many construction sites. The compact dimensions and mobility of the truck allow the crane to be driven to the work site and set into position. Although the crane may appear small on the truck, once the support system and telescopic mast are extended, it becomes an impressive piece of transport machinery. The operating range of the booms on these types of cranes was once much more restricted, but today, PLC controls and absolute encoder technology ensure that the boom can be pushed to its limits.

Absolute encoder technology is used on truck mounted cranes to increase the range and accuracy of positioning the boom, and to increase safety. Absolute encoders are used as part of the safety system that locks the crane automatically before the system reaches critical limits.


The Challenge

Truck mounted crane encoders must be extremely precise since it is critical that the crane is prevented from tipping over.  Also the system must ensure that the extended boom does not strike the operator cab.

The Solution-Why Nidec-Avtron Absolute Encoders?

Nidec Avtron offers a full range of absolute encoders with special features to assist truck mounted crane OEMs and end-users:


For OEMs, the AV6M and the AV6A encoders offer cost-effective and space-saving durable designs.  The unique Wiegand wire technology in the AV6M enables multi-turn applications without the use of batteries, glass disks, or plastic gears.  All of the latest fieldbusses are supported, including those popular on mobile cranes, such as J1939, CAN-Kingdom, CANSafety SIL2, SSI and Profibus. 

End Users can directly retrofit earlier, OEM models with heavy duty units such as the AV30 that will fit the existing flange with no modifications.


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