Container Cranes Benefit From Reliable Absolute Encoders

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Dec 16, 2014 8:07:00 AM



Container Cranes are a common sight at ports.  What's new is their improved automation to ensure higher performance and operator safety.

To ensure higher performance, OEMs install absolute encoders, typically 4 units:

  • Each main hoist motor (x2)
  • Trolley
  • Boom (angle)

OEMs and end-users are depending on the absolute encoders--typically the main hoist encoder positions are compared in software--if there is any difference, the crane will shut down.  Likewise, accurate boom angle and trolley position is critical. Errors can result in crane malfunctions or shutdowns.

The Challenge

Container crane encoders are exposed to ferocious outdoor conditions.  The encoders are typically fully exposed to the environment.  Temperature swings occur daily, stressing encoder seals as the air inside the encoder tries to expand and contract.  Dirt, dust, and saltwater spray are everywhere.  Vibration and shocks are common during crane operation.


The Solution-Why Nidec-Avtron Absolute Encoders?

Nidec Avtron offers a full range of absolute encoders with special features to assist container crane OEMs and end-users:

AV6M_1          HS6M-2

For OEMs, the AV6M encoder offers cost-effective and space-saving durable designs.  The unique Wiegand wire technology enables multi-turn applications without the use of batteries, glass disks, or plastic gears.  All of the latest fieldbusses are supported, including those popular on mobile cranes, such as J1939, CANOpen, CANSafe, SSI and Profibus.  The HS6M offers the same features in a hollow shaft package.

 HS40         AV30-1

For end-users of container cranes, Nidec-Avtron can offer additional durability and performance using the HS40 absolute magnetic encoder.  Huge bearings and magnetic sensor systems assure maximum durability.  HS40 units can be used for retrofits in the field, replacing weaker models immediately, and shafted AV30 units offer the same retrofit capability.

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