4 Steps to End Encoder Failures

Posted by Brian Winter | View all of Brian's blogs on May 7, 2014 1:58:00 PM

Recently, I was invited by Design World to provide some insight into encoder failures.

This discussion evolved into quite a bit of material, so they asked that we present this in the form of a webinar.

This webinar is a great first start for understanding encoder failures, preventing, diagnosing, and repairing them.

We discussed topics from diagnostics to troubleshooting an encoder with an ordinary DMM digital multimeter.

Incremental quadrature encoders were covered, as well as absolute models.  (Our new absolute encoder line can be found here.)

The webinar is focused on encoder reliability and uptime.

You can download/view the webinar here:  


For more tips on increasing reliability you may be interested in our white paper series, focused on oil and gas encoders, but also applies to industrial encoder applications:

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Reduce Encoder Failures

This blog is dedicated to finding and eliminating encoder failures on heavy duty industrial equipment.

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